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About Journey2Share (J2S)

NetFM's Car Sharing Software, Journey2Share (J2S), is offered as a fully-managed service - managed and hosted by NetFM, but fully-branded for your organisation and fully administrated by your admin staff.

Client organisations and their Admin staff are given a dedicated Account Manager, initial system training, full technical support and an agreed SLA to resolve any issues within pre-defined timescales.

The J2S Car Sharing system is enhanced and upgraded with new features and functions on a regular basis. We welcome ongoing feedback from all our clients to continually improve the system and are open to discussions concerning any desired additional enhancements, features and functionality.

Under our unique 'Council Licence', councils are free to offer the Journey2Share service free-of-charge to schools, colleges, charities, hospitals, all council departments and small businesses with under 25 employees. Businesses with more than 25 employees can also be signed up to participate in the service with an initial free trial and subsequent tiered fees dependent on the number of employees / users.

NetFM's Council clients find it highly beneficial in obtaining a 'Council Licence' - both economically and ecologically - to collaborate with SME's, larger corporate organisations and other potential stakeholders within their jurisdiction in order to comply with local Planning and Transportation legislation.


User Features

  • done Access via Desktop, Tablet or Mobile
  • done Google Maps Integration
  • done User Journey Logging

User Features include:
  • Google Maps Integration: State-of-the-Art, user-friendly mapping, zooming & panning to identify potential sharers.
  • Embedded Map Data: User information embedded into maps to quickly and easily select and contact sharers.
  • Supports Multiple Transport Modes: J2S now supports journey-sharing across all common modes of commute transport (Walk, Bus, Bike, Car, Train, etc.)
  • User Journeys Logging: One-click access for users to easily log shared journeys.
  • CO2 Calculations: System calculates CO2 Savings per journey / user.


Admin Features

  • done Valuable Data for Green Travel Plans
  • done Detailed Staff Commuting Reports
  • done Easily Collaborate with 3rd Parties

Admin Features include:
  • Travel Plans: Detailed registration and user data provides valuable data for travel plan creation, integration and analysis.
  • Detailed Reporting: Detailed reports on Users, Sites, Modes of Transport & CO2 savings. Easily find and segment usage data.
  • CO2 Calculations: Calculates and Reports on CO2 Savings from car-sharing and other modes of transport.
  • Collaboration: Choose to collaborate (or not!) with other J2S Organisations as per your internal policies.
  • Staff Incentives: Supports some internal incentive programs - reports can also be easily used to select random winners of prize draws etc.
  • Bulk User Communication: Easily contact all (or selected) users by email.


Technical Features

  • done Fully Scalable (Unlimited Users)
  • done Full Data Protection Compliance
  • done Requires no Hardware Investment

Technical Features include:
  • Unlimited Users: Can handle vast number of simultaneous users & easily accommodates additional users as organisations grow.
  • Secure Servers: All user data held in high-security Data Centres & regularly audited.
  • 'Fail-Safe' Data Back-up: Service backed-up on Mirrored Servers with regular data back-ups / snapshots.
  • Internet-based service: Users can find car-sharers / journey-sharers when at home or work.
  • Low-Entry Level: Requires no additional investment in computers, networks or software.

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